Gifting You a Family Wealth Planning Session

It is at this time of year, that I am continuously reminded that one of the ultimate gifts we can give is the gift of ensuring we have done everything possible to take care of our personal affairs so that when something happens to us, things will be as simple as possible for the people we love.

So, this year my gift to you, as people I care about, is an offer of a Family Wealth Planning Session (“FWPS”). I typically charge $750.00 for this two-hour, comprehensive session. During these sessions, we review what you do or don’t have in place to ensure the well-being and care of everything you own and everyone you love, in the event something happens to you. If you have nothing in place now, we will discover whether the State’s plan for you is sufficient, and if it is not, we will design a plan to ensure things go exactly as you would want them to when something does happen. If you do have an existing plan, we will review whether it still reflects your current wishes, assets, and most up-to-date laws.

Whether you need a new plan or not, just this process alone will get you more financially organized than ever before and will provide total clarity around what you need to ensure you’ve handled your personal affairs in the most loving way possible. Call today to schedule your Family Wealth Planning Session and we can start 2021 off right, with peace of mind knowing you’ve done everything to plan for and make life as good and easy as possible for those you love.