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Estate Planning with Your Whole Family in Mind

Each family is different, and sometimes that difference is the result of a second, third, or subsequent marriage. If you have children from any of your prior marriages, chances are you want to ensure they’re included in your estate plan to avoid conflict among your other children, current spouse, and other relatives.

At Aria Law PLLC, we can help clients with blended families like yours create comprehensive estate plans that take everyone into account and minimize the potential for conflict. No matter how well you think all of your children get along with each other or your current spouse, your passing could stir up emotions that could lead to disputes concerning your estate. By making sure everyone you love is taken care of in your estate plan, you can help your loved ones peacefully grieve their loss.

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Estate Planning Considerations for Blended Families

On its face, estate planning for blended families can seem a lot like “normal” estate planning. The difference becomes apparent when one considers the reasons why certain planning decisions are made.

For example, a simple will that leaves all of your property to your spouse risks children from your previous marriages getting cut out. You may entrust your spouse to gift certain property or include your other children in their own will, but there would be no obligation for your spouse to follow through.

If you establish a trust, selecting a trustee is a decision you must carefully make. You shouldn’t automatically assign your spouse or eldest adult child to this role – take into account everyone’s character and ability to responsibly handle the administration of your trust before deciding upon anyone.

In a similar vein, you will want to select the member of your family whom you feel would have your best interests in mind during a health crisis. Whether this is your spouse or an adult child, assigning this person to act as your health care proxy can mean placing your life in their hands if you become incapacitated from illness or injury.

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We Have Experience with Blended Families

It’s important to seek estate planning services from attorneys who have experience helping clients with families like yours. At Aria Law PLLC, our attorneys have the knowledge and skill it takes to respond to the unique needs of clients with children from previous marriages.

You want to avoid conflict among your loved ones after you pass away, and a comprehensive estate plan prepared by our firm can help you achieve that goal. Rest assured that we’ll help you develop a plan that makes sense for your estate and your family that leaves no one unaccounted for.

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