Estate Planning When You Are Married with Children

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If you are married with children, you might expect the chain of inheritance to be simple and straightforward. Your spouse will make your medical and financial decisions if you are unable to make them yourself, and your husband, wife, and children will inherit your money and assets after you pass.

Unfortunately, this process is not automatic – and it is far from straightforward. As a result, probate courts are clogged with families questioning their loved one’s final wishes, and states and federal agencies have billions in unclaimed assets waiting for their rightful owners across the United States.

If you want your family to stay out of court after you pass away, you need to answer all the questions that may come up before you become incapacitated or die. Fortunately, you can do this with a well-thought-out estate plan. The documents you prepare with your estate planning lawyer will guide your family through your end-of-life affairs, so nothing gets overlooked.

Estate planning is especially important when you have a blended family with children from multiple marriages. If you don’t look ahead, the members of your family will often end up in conflict during an already difficult time.

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Choosing an experienced estate planning attorney also means your surviving spouse and children have someone who can help them through probate.

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