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At Aria Law PLLC, can help you draft a will that covers everything that you feel is most important to settle for your estate. Wills commonly provide instructions for who should execute the will, property distribution, guardianship of minor children, charitable giving, funeral and burial rites, as well as other important decisions that matter for a time that follows your passing.

You can outline these wishes in a trust, but a will is often where most people start. This is because it can be comparatively simple and cost-effective to create, but provides a solid foundation for more intricate estate planning in the future.

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Should You Create a Will?

If you want your loved ones to inherit from your estate as you intended them to, or that your children will be placed with guardians you trust, then drafting a will is a good place to start. Any additional estate planning you do, such as forming a trust, can be backed up by a properly prepared will. Many people who do so feel confident knowing their plans can pan out no matter what the future holds.

Whatever you do, don’t pass away without a will! It might sound silly because none of us can control when we’ll go, but that’s precisely why you should invest time now in creating a will. If you die without a will, or your will isn’t found, your estate is considered intestate by the probate court.

All estates held with or without a will go through probate, but whereas the will guides probate proceedings, state laws do so for intestate estates. This means your state’s laws determine who of your relatives can receive an inheritance and how much they can receive. This can exclude important friends or relatives for whom you would have otherwise left an inheritance.

Guardianship may be an even more important matter. Because you died without a will, the probate judge must determine who among your willing relatives is most fit to care for your minor children. Again, without your wishes clearly stated in a will, your preferences for someone you trusted won’t be known. By working with Aria Law PLLC’s wills attorney in San Antonio, however, you can avoid scenarios where your children are placed with relatives you don’t trust or even strangers.

Can My Will Be Challenged?

Will contests typically occur when there are deficiencies in how the will was written, witnesses, or procured. When significant enough doubt can be cast on these factors, an interested party – a legal heir or someone named in the will – may have grounds to contest the will.

A legal challenge to your will can be devastating for your family, often involving heavy litigation and generating string strife among relatives. The good news is this can be prevented by ensuring your will is properly prepared and signed. Our wills attorney in San Antonio can help you prepare a will and ensure the proper witnessing procedure is carried out to ensure the will is validated.

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