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If you need legal advice and services that can protect you and your family’s interests during probate, reach out to Aria Law PLLC. Our probate attorneys have the skill and experience required to deliver the representation you need and when you need it the most. Probate can be a difficult process that comes at an emotionally challenging time. Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed when you can get the legal help you need from our probate lawyer in San Antonio

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What is Probate?

Probate is the legal process of validating a will and court-supervised administration of someone’s estate. Acquiring representation during this time is important if you are named as the executor in someone’s will or are an interested party who believes you need to challenge the will or executor’s actions.

We Can Help Estate Executors

If you are named as an executor in someone’s will or have been selected by the court to act as the personal representative of their estate, you have an important role. With this role comes a number of important duties that must be carefully carried out – all of which Aria Law PLLC’s attorney can help you with!

These crucial tasks can include the following:

  • Filing the deceased’s will with the probate court
  • Notifying the deceased’s heirs and others named in the will
  • Notifying the deceased’s creditors, banks, and government agencies
  • Creating a bank account for the estate
  • Identifying and inventorying property and assets belonging to the estate
  • Paying debts and taxes owed by the deceased and their estate
  • Distributing all remaining property in the estate to heirs, according to the deceased’s instructions

This is far from a comprehensive explanation of all that you must do and are responsible for as an executor. Our probate attorney in San Antonio, however, can help you with this process each step of the way while protecting your liability as a fiduciary.

Our Probate Lawyers in San Antonio Can Help

Whether you are an interested party to the deceased’s estate or someone trying to plan the best possible future for your loved ones, avoiding conflict is crucial to you. This is a time when tensions run high, but when things feel like they’re about to boil over, we can help you simmer things down to where they need to be. Aria Law PLLC can help your family members avoid litigation against one another by offering legal advice and services that can help make probate a smoother, more amicable process.

If you are planning your estate, our firm can help you draft a properly prepared will that can minimize the risk of future litigation among relatives or a trust that can avoid probate altogether.

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