How We Are Different

Generally, your first interaction with a traditional estate planning lawyer feels complicated and confusing. They seem smart and confident in their capabilities, so you trust that the lawyer will prepare your estate planning documents sufficiently. Once you feel like everything is taken care of, you remember your attorney said something about moving bank accounts into a trust.

As such, you go to the bank but forget exactly what to do. You call your attorney. No answer. By the time your lawyer returns your call, you’re too busy to go to the bank and handle things.

After receiving a costly bill for 15 minutes of your lawyer’s time, you realize it’s best to avoid calling them altogether. However, you will inevitably refinance your home or purchase a new one, your children will get older, and tax laws will change over the years.

All of these changes require the involvement of an estate planning lawyer, but you worry about getting billed for a brief call or maybe you simply forget to notify them. Or, you may assume your attorney will tell you about how changing laws could affect your estate plan, only to be let down.

Once you become incapacitated or die, your family is at a loss. They discover how outdated your estate plan is, so they call your lawyer for help. Ultimately, your lawyer is ready to probate your assets that never made it into the trust and move on without batting an eye.

This is what your experience with a traditional attorney would look like. How do we know this? Well, it happened to our mentor’s family and business. As a result, we swore to never let this happen to our clients.

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Get to Know Us, Your Family’s Lawyer for Life!

Aria Law PLLC is not your average estate planning firm. Besides our unparalleled estate planning services, we offer an advantage that you won’t find at many other firms: We prepare you for life. As your family grows, wealth accumulates, and goals change, you want to feel confident that your lawyer will handle everything accordingly and leave no stone left unturned. You want peace of mind knowing your estate plan will work when your family needs it most. You want control over your hard-earned assets and legacy.

This is what we do. What more can you expect should you decide to work with our attorney? Take a look below.

We Are Here for the Long Run

Life gets busy. You’re focused on supporting yourself, your family, your business, your elderly parents, and the list goes on. As such, you need convenience and efficiency. That’s why your attorney should do the heavy lifting so you can focus on growing your family, wealth, and happiness. That’s why you can trust Aria Law PLLC.

Our Estate Planning Attorneys Can Help

Depend on us to be here for you around the clock because we value strong communication with clients. No matter the time of day, we are here to help. And unlike traditional attorneys, you won’t be caught off-guard with a bill in the mail after your phone call. For our estate and business planning services, we do things on a flat-fee basis in advance to avoid any surprises.

We Handle Your “Family Wealth”

Not only do we help protect your financial wealth, but just as important your family wealth, which consists of your invaluable intellectual, spiritual, and human assets. A common misconception is that financial wealth is the only thing that matters, but like you, we value the assets that make up who you are.

Money comes and goes, but intangible assets are forever. We understand this, which is why we not only help transfer financial wealth but also family wealth — your values, wisdom, memories, and stories. These are priceless assets that our tools and resources safeguard.

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