Planning for Your Children

Protect Your Legacy and Loved Ones

If you have children, you understand how important it is to provide long-term. The best way to ensure that they will be taken care of after you are gone is with an estate plan. With a proper estate plan in place, you can be sure that your children will be cared for in the way you want and by the right people.

At Aria Law PLLC, we provide estate planning services for your lifetime. Whether you need to create a will, establish a trust, or update an existing will, our firm has you covered. We value our clients, and we work hard to cultivate a close relationship with them and their loved ones.

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Why Asset Protection is Important

An important consideration when securing your future is protecting your assets. Unfortunately, many people lose valuable property and meaningful belongings to debt and probate court after death.

For parents, ensuring that their children are provided for is of utmost importance. Assets and properties offer financial shelter against the challenges of coping with the death of one’s parents, but if those assets are lost, your children could face a difficult road ahead.

The following can happen without a proper plan in place:

  • 5% or more of your assets are lost during the court process or tied up in legal proceedings
  • When your child turns 18, they could receive whatever assets are left over from probate instead of the total amount
  • Predatory public guardians may seek out opportunities to subvert inheritance from your beneficiaries before they come of age

While it may seem impossible that anyone would go to such lengths to undermine the system and profit from inheritances and leftover assets, it happens more than you might think. That is why it critical that you protect what matters most through secure, legal means.

Life Without a Plan

Parents of minor children should carefully consider how they will be provided for after your death. It is essential to understand that children under 18 are especially vulnerable in situations where their parents pass away before they come of age.

If a child’s parents pass away, they may be:

  • Placed in the care of Child Protective Services
  • Handed over to the closest relative
  • Given over to a public guardian

At Aria Law, PLLC, we understand how important it is to protect your children, so we work with you to determine the best way to protect your loved ones.

How do You Create an Estate Plan?

Our team at Aria Law, PLLC has extensive experience with estate planning, and we are honored to serve families in San Antonio and the surrounding areas. We offer lifelong legal guidance to help you protect what matters.

At your initial consultation, we can discuss your needs, goals, and circumstances to inform our legal strategies. Once we have a clear picture of your expectations, we can move forward and create a custom plan to meet our clients’ needs.

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