Do I Need an Estate Plan if I Don't Have Kids?

Lots of people create an estate plan to ensure they can pass down their assets to their children, but what does this mean for those without children?

If you don’t have any children, don’t think for a second that you don’t need an estate plan! By making sure your affairs are in order, you could provide your relatives and other loved ones with the legal and financial support they need to deal with your estate and mourn your passing in peace.

You can also be sure to leave your assets in a will or trust for a spouse, your parents, siblings, friends, or whomever you wish to receive what you spent your life building up. If you are approaching the end of your life, you can still assign one of these individuals to help you manage your financial and medical affairs by creating powers of attorney and advanced directives for medical care.

A death in a family is difficult enough for everyone to cope with – don’t make the process any harder on those you’ll leave behind simply because you don’t have children. Everyone should have an estate plan, regardless of their circumstances. How they build it is up to them and the professional counsel they hire to help them execute the documents they need to secure their affairs.

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